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July 2020

Kays Summer Harrogate Weekend 16th to 19 July 2020  - For more information email Kay on and / or telephone 01582 416213.  CANCELLED

August 2020

September 2020

Northern Concord's 7th "Mid Week Summer Party" - Sunday 13th to Wednesday 16th 2020 -  The price is £241 for the 3 nights or £179.00 for just two nights. *Excellent event not to be missed.*

Hello all,


It’s bad news, I’m afraid. Our Northern Concord Summer Event at Chesterfield this September has had to be cancelled.


Perhaps it won’t come as a great surprise to some. Those of you who keep up with these things will have read there’s a virus going about and all sorts of other events have already had to be cancelled this year.


It’s mainly affected happenings of more minor importance – such as the Olympics or Glastonbury  – and obviously we’ve been in top-level discussions with the government to see if an exception would be made in our very special case.


But sadly it was all to no avail and by our deadline of 31 July it was clear we now have no other choice.


If you’ve booked for the event, I’ll be sending your money back in the very near future. Sending cheques is the easiest way administratively for me and I hope that’s OK with you, even if you originally paid by bank transfer.


And please bear with me. We had more than 80 people booked in and it will take me a little while to sort all the paperwork!


Until the next time…

October 2020

November 2020

December 2020

January 2021

February 2021

Northern Concord's " Le Big En Weekend" - From Thursday the 4th February to Monday the 8th February 2021. Prices for 2 nights Friday and Saturday is £tba per person to include the Sunday is £tba. If you would like to stay on the Thursday night it would be £tba.

September 2021

Northern Concord's 8th "Mid Week Summer Party" - Sunday 12th to 15thSeptember 2021 -   The price to be advised *Excellent event not to be missed.*


Happenings Every Week

The WayOut Club Saturday 9pm to 3am - at Abbey 33 Minories), London EC3N 1DD Entry to the club is £10.00. For more information call their 24hour information line on 0208 363 0948. www.the

Pink Punters Nightclub - Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9pm till 5am. Big Night Out every 2nd Friday. 2 Watling Street, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK2 2BS. Telephone 01908 377444 - Website 

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